Cavity Prevention in Boise, Idaho

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Teeth are covered by enamel, the hardest bone in our body. Enamel is packed with minerals like calcium and phosphate. When acid attacks our teeth, these minerals are lost from the tooth. If this process is not stopped, a cavity may develop. Dentists refer to this as dental caries. You may be surprised to learn that if the pH in your mouth remained around 7 (similar to water), you would never get a cavity, even if you never brushed! Acid is not only found in some of the foods we eat, but it is also formed by the bacterial plaque that coats our teeth. These "tooth bugs" like to eat simple carbohydrates like sugars and processed/enriched flour. They digest these foods and secrete acid onto our teeth. If we reverse this process before the cavity penetrates the enamel and enters the dentin of the tooth, we can actually prevent and "fix" small cavities naturally.

Your dentist can evaluate the pH in your saliva as well as your caries-risk. Depending on the findings, your dentist may recommend a change in diet as well as some product that promote healthy teeth and saliva. People who have inadequate saliva (dry mouth) are at increased risk for caries and may need additional intervention.


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