Dental Night Guards in Boise, Idaho

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In today's high pace, high stress society, many of us clench and don't even know it. Grinding of the teeth at night can lead to headaches, cracked teeth, broken restorations, the wearing away of natural teeth, and muscle pain. If you notice your teeth touching during random parts of the day, then it is usually safe to say that you are clenching at night.

Clenching and bruxism has been linked to stress, too much caffeine, a lack of calcium and magnesium in our diet, sleep apnea, snoring, and inappropriate tooth occlusion. Changes in diet and initiating stress management can often help prevent grinding of the teeth at night. In addition, your dentist may recommend evaluating your occlusion and making slight adjustments to your teeth to ensure proper tooth contact, this procedure is called "occlusal equilibration" and is almost always indicated after orthodontics is completed or several restorations have been placed.

Your dentist may also recommend a night guard to be worn at night. Sometimes night guards may also be used as bleaching trays and/or remineralization trays. Sometimes the clenching or bruxism has been so destructive to the teeth that your dentist may recommend placing crowns on all the teeth. This process is referred to as "full-mouth reconstruction" and can be very expensive. Prevention is definitely a more desirable approach both financially and with regards to our health.

If you have problems with grinding your teeth at night, your dentist may recommend preventative measures, such as wearing a night guard, wearing a snore guard or sleep apnea device when directed by your sleep physician, or other treatments. At Hidden Creek Dental in Boise, Idaho, our doctors have state of the art Cone Beam CT scanning, which enables us to map your mouth out perfectly and then 3d print you a personalized mouth guard that you can wear every night. Because it is customized for you it will be more comfortable than the mouthguards available to buy at the store.


We can help you find the best option for you.