Dental Fillings in Boise, Idaho

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When cavities gets through the enamel and enters the dentin we can no longer remineralize the affected tooth; a filling is needed to prevent the decay from reaching the pulp of the tooth. A filling is a possible restoration as long as enough healthy tooth structure is present to support the filling.

A perfect filling material would look and behave like natural tooth structure. It would expand to hot and cold like natural teeth. It would wear similarly so as not to grind away the opposing teeth. It would be strong like natural teeth. It would be easy to place and wouldn't break down. No perfect filling materials exist, so when choosing a restorative material, your dentist must weigh several factors, including patient preference.

The longevity of a filling depends on several factors, including the oral hygiene of the patient and the size of the filling (small fillings last much longer than larger ones). If too much tooth structure is missing, a filling may no longer be a predictable option. In this case, your dentist may recommend a crown.


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