Tooth Implants in Boise, Idaho

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Dental implants have had a dramatic impact on the quality of dentistry we are now able to provide to our patients. Implants have a tremendously high success rate and are the closest thing we have to replacing natural teeth. Dental implants can also be used to increase retention of dentures, thus improving quality of life and health for people who once were forced into a limited diet.

At Hidden Creek Dental, we have invested in the modern technology of 3D cone beam imaging. This technology allows our doctors to place your dental implant in the most predictable and ideal location possible. No technology can eliminate all potential complications of dental surgery, but our state of the art 3D imaging system along with our intraoral tooth scanner and 3D printer, allow our dental surgeons to place your dental implant much more predictably in a predetermined location for highest success in strength, function, and esthetics. Your dentist will tell you if such technology is recommended in your case.

Dental implants do require some recall maintenance by your dentist to ensure that your implant will serve you for many years to come.

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