Invisalign in Boise, Idaho

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Have you wanted to have straighter teeth, but didn't want to wear braces?

Or have you been worried that you or your teenager would not be able to maintain good oral hygiene with all those brackets and wires?

Clear Aligner orthodontics, like Invisalign, may be a good alternative for you or your teenager. People using clear aligners like Invisalign and Clear Correct have been shown to have better oral health, less formation of white-spot lesions, and less root resorption compared to those in traditional braces. However, Invisalign isn't right for everyone and braces are recommended in some cases. Your dentist will be able to determine which method of orthodontics would be appropriate for your situation.

At Hidden Creek Dental, we have invested in 3D printing technology, which allows our doctors to custom make your clear aligners in-office. This is a fantastic option in simple cases, allowing our doctors more control of your orthodontic treatment while providing a quicker lab turnaround time.

Whatever method deemed appropriate for your situation, Dr Clark at Hidden Creek Dental will walk you through the process to ensure that your dental care that is safe, beautiful, and functional. Whether you choose to have our general dentists at Hidden Creek Dental straighten your teeth, or choose to have us direct your care to one of the fantastic Orthodontists in town, let Hidden Creek Dental help you have the smile you have always wanted.
Hidden Creek Dental is located in Boise, Idaho across from BSU campus at 580 W Parkcenter Blvd.


We can help you find the best option for you.