Oral Surgery in Boise, Idaho

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At Hidden Creek Dental in Boise, Idaho, Dr Clark is able to perform most dental surgeries in-office. Meaning, in most situations, patients can receive dental care from their primary dental provider! Dr Ryan Clark and Dr H. James Clark are both high qualified in removal of wisdom teeth, implant placement, bone augmentation with bone grafts and many tissue procedures. With the utilization of 3D cone beam radiology, Hidden Creek Dental has the modern technology required to diagnose and plan for even the most complicated dental procedures. This powerful technology enables our doctors to provide more accurate diagnosis and provide services more safely and predictably.

We strive to help you keep your natural teeth, however, in some situations, tooth extractions are indicated when teeth are unrestorable, when teeth have inadequate spacing to erupt on their own, or when the patient is unable to pursue other restorative methods. Some individuals are at greater risk for complications, including those taking bisphosphonates or blood thinners, individuals who smoke, individuals with uncontrollable diabetes and those who are HIV positive. Persons planning to undergo oral surgery should inform their dentist of all health conditions and medications to help ensure all precautions are taken to make the procedures safe and successful.


We can help you find the best option for you.