Periodontics and Gum Health in Boise, Idaho

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Gums are often the most neglected part of a person’s mouth. At Hidden Creek Dental your gum health is deeply important to us.

Gum recession can lead to several dental and esthetic problems. Recession exposes root structure which is more easily prone to tooth decay and also to tooth sensitivity. Often recession or other gingival problems are only localized in specific areas of the mouth. Persons with thin gums are more susceptible to recession, which may also be caused by brushing incorrectly and/or occlusal problems. Your dentist may have various recommendations to treat your recession, depending on the cause of the recession. Some treatments include: orthodontics, fillings, night guards, and gingival tissue graft surgery.

Some treatments include:
night guards
gingival tissue graft surgery


We can help you find the best option for you.