Root Canals in Boise, Idaho

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For Root Canals or Endodontics in the Boise, Idaho area you can trust Hidden Creek Dental to perform the procedure as safely and as quickly as possible. Having a state of the art 3D Cone Beam scanner makes it easy for us to quickly spot and fix any problems with your teeth.

Endodontics, or root canal treatment, is advised when the pulp of the tooth has become infected with bacteria. The only options for removing the infection are tooth extraction or root canal. Common signs that you may need a root canal are pain on chewing, hot/cold sensitivity that lingers, and spontaneous pain. Sometimes though, you may not be experiencing any symptoms at all.

The procedure includes cleaning the infection from the inside of the tooth (the pulp) and filling the space to seal out any future bacteria. Root canals have a very high success rate and can prevent the loss of the affected tooth. Depending on the remaining tooth structure, your dentist may recommend restoring your tooth with a filling or a crown. If very little tooth structure remains, your dentist may recommend a post to help retain a build-up, which is often needed to restore the tooth with a crown. A small percentage of cases require further treatment to help the body eliminate the infection. Your dentist will advise you if any further treatment is necessary.


We can help you find the best option for you.