Tooth Veneers and Tooth Bonding in Boise, Idaho

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Dr Clark, at Hidden Creek Dental in Boise, Idaho, enjoys providing both beautiful and functional dentistry. “One of the most satisfying moments in my occupation is when I give my patient a mirror and they smile with delight, or tears of joy water their eyes, when they see their new beautiful smile. That is when you know you got it right.”

The way we look affects our own self image, our confidence, and unfortunately, how others see us. Dr Clark strives to provide both functional and esthetically pleasing dentistry.

Cosmetic dentistry, like resin bonding and porcelain veneers, can provide patients with the beautiful smile they have always wanted. Porcelain veneers are generally considered the most beautiful restoration. A thin shell of porcelain is placed over the tooth which can enhance tooth appearance and length. Veneers are much more conservative than crowns and are a great option when patients desire improved esthetics that can't be corrected by bleaching and/or orthodontics alone.

An alternative to porcelain veneers is composite bonding, which entails using tooth-colored resins to improve the esthetics of teeth. Though not considered as esthetic as porcelain veneers, resin bonding is less expensive and easier to repair than porcelain veneers. These procedure can usually be done in one appointment and are considered more conservative.


All over Boise, Idaho, our clients have received amazing results from Veneers and Tooth Bonding.

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We can help you find the best option for you.